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Motorhome and Campervan Magazine | August 24, 2016

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World Land Speed Record for a motorhome...

World Land Speed Record for a motorhome…
Terry Nathan

Ok it’s not news… but it is interesting! Did you know the World Land Speed Record for a motorhome is currently held by a Hymer, using a gas powered 2.3 litre Fiat Ducato engine tuned by Goldschmidt? The event took place in Stuttgart in 2010 where a speed of 207kph was recorded.

The Hymer, powered by an economical 2.3-litre engine with innovative gas-diesel drive, clearly smashed the previous record of 191 kph. In a first attempt on an airfield, the record-making vehicle even topped the 200 kph mark – the speed such a fully appointed hotel on wheels has to reach to earn the title of the world’s fastest motorhome according to the Guinness Book of Records. The measured speed was 207 kph!

The speed was reached thanks primarily to aerodynamic measures taken (for instance by using under-floor fairing or by flattening the window panes), by slight engine tuning, and mainly due to the additional power generated by adding gas to conventional diesel fuel. Heinrich Bloemer, the Goldschmitt employee responsible for inventing the revolutionary gas-diesel engine and formerly an active racing driver, took on the challenge of making the 2.3-litre HYMER Car into a sprint champion. “It would have been far simpler if we had taken the 3-litre version of the Fiat Ducato. But we wanted to show that the Ducato engine of lower cubic capacity has an enormous power reserve and is still very economical despite the present high output of about 200 hp”, said Bloemer.

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